While our headquarters is responsible for all of Europe, we have 5 official distributors selected and strategically located to meet the needs of each continent, in this way we have a global presence.

These distributors have been chosen for their high experience in the market, for their positioning and for their recognition in the region where they work, we place our trust in each one of them and we are sure that they will provide exemplary management to companies in the sector in the countries near your location.

We have NONGYEYAN (China) and NARENDRA INDUSTRY INC. (India) for all of Asia, ACT TRACTOR (Australia) for Oceania, TRACTOANDES (Mexico) for North and Central America and TRACTO GENESIS (Colombia) for all of South America.

We also have other distributors such as: AGRO FORÇA in Portugal, KARANTA in Nigeria, TERRA TC in Angola, TRAKTO ZUKUNFT in Germany, INOVASI in Indonesia.