Excellent delivery times and unmatched quality in all their alternative spare parts, in addition to excellent prices.

William Smith

Agricultural Technician

Ashley Myers

Parts Manager
Excellent alternative spare parts from GTP, I purchased some parts which were shipped in a short time to Miami and you can appreciate the great quality they have, highly recommended!
They have great quality and excellent delivery times, plus they have a large stock of spare parts from Carraro, Dana Spicer, Corteco and GTP.

Troy Baker

Agro-engine mechanic

Tomy Bennington

Industrial Mechanic
They have an excellent stock of spare parts for all types of machinery and at the most competitive price in the market. If you are looking for quality spare parts at the best price I recommend GTP!

Unboxing - Spare Parts

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Global Tractor Parts

Oil Seal – CAR47701 (150*180*14.5/16)

Unboxing Ball Joint – CAR49008